step out (work it out of your body)

(based on Alba Emoting "step out") (click here to see video if needed)

  • Stand with feet shoulder width apart, with the outsides of your feet parallel

  • Look out in front of you onto your own personal horizon (something in the room that doesn't include another person) 

  • Interlock your fingers in front of you

  • Inhale and allow it to bring your hands up and over your head, landing at the back of your neck

  • Exhale and allow it to bring your hands back to your front, keeping your fingers interlocked

  • Repeat breathing and arm movement 4-5 times

  • On the last exhale, bring your body forward so you're bent over

  • Slowly begin to shake and wiggle your body, including legs, hips, shoulders

  • Massage your face with your fingertips while still bent over and shaking your body

  • Allow the shaking of your body to gradually increase until you're up and doing big jumping motions

  • Add some vocalizations as you jump


  • Face your partner or the small group (or if you're in a large group, face the outside of the room) and say the following:

    • "As the character of ___, I was feeling/thinking/doing ___."

    • "As myself, I am feeling/thinking/doing ___."

    • "After rehearsal, I’m looking forward to ___."

  • When you're done speaking, hit your own thighs and say "hup!" and then clap your hands once. Then your partner or the rest of the group repeats this action (like a call-and-response). If you're in a large group and saying these words to yourself while facing outward, you can either do the thigh hit "hup" and clap on your own, or simply turn around and face the rest of the group when you're done. 

  • After everyone has finished speaking, do three thigh hit/hup and claps in unison, then all shout "yaaaaaay!" 

(Credit to Laura Rikard for "de-role-ing" practice; Susana Bloch for Alba Emoting step out)