my guiding principles

My goal as an intimacy professional is to create moving, honest, and thought-provoking work, in which all elements of the production serve to explore the themes and messages within a text. I am guided by four main principles, gathered from my training with both Intimacy Directors & Coordinators (IDC), and Theatrical Intimacy Education (TIE). 


Context is everything! When creating intimacy, I always return to the question "What is the story that we're telling?" 


We create more powerful art when we work together! I work to create space for voices to be heard, and provide tools for communication. 


Art is far more sustainable when it's trauma-informed (instead of trauma-focused, like many aspects of this industry have been for years). By prioritizing consent, boundaries, choreography, closure practices, and mental health in general, we can create powerful stories that don't push actors, crews, creative teams, staff, or audience members into abusive situations. 


I come to this work from a place of feminism, anti-racism, pro-accessibility, and pro-LGBTQ allyship. I believe that representation matters, and that we must make our industry not only safe but welcoming to folks of all identities. My education and allyship practice is ongoing.


If I don't have expertise in a particular aspect of a story, I'll reach out to consult with someone who does.