what to expect

Interested in working with an intimacy director or coordinator, but not sure what to expect? Here's a brief guide to how I work with producers and directors to create safe, ethical, and effective intimacy!


I'll chat with you to ask a few artistic and logistical questions to get us on the same page. This can happen in person, over the phone, via email--any way that works best for you. I usually like to know: 

  • How stylized vs realistic are you thinking?

  • What is this scene rated? G, PG, PG-13, R, NC-17?

  • What story do you want to communicate with this scene? Is there anything about the characters that this scene should reveal?

  • If there are stage directions, do you want to follow them pretty closely or do you have something else in mind?

  • Anything you would like me to know about the actors, the production, etc?


If the scene(s) involve full nudity or more intense intimacy, I may ask for the actor(s)'s contact information to chat with them about their expectations, concerns, or questions.

Staging intimacy usually takes roughly 1-2 hours, depending on the nature of the scene. Please have your stage manager/1st AD build room into the schedule for intimacy work. 


I'll come prepared with breath mints and mouthwash and any modesty/masking items needed.

I'll speak with the actors about how they're allowed to have boundaries and give them tools to communicate those boundaries. 

Once boundaries and expectations are established, we'll all collaborate to create the intimacy with the actors' boundaries in place! In my experience, this runs smoothly if I take the lead while checking in with you often, and you are welcome to chime in at any point to change things.


After intimacy has been created, I'll have the actors go through the choreography while I create an audio recording with a "road map" to document the work, which I will then send to the stage manager. 


I'll remain on set during shooting, assisting with masking if needed.


Finally, I'll guide actors through a brief closure practice for them to utilize at the end of the day on set, or at the end of rehearsal/performances.